*AND Python to infinitely search prime numbers*

A Legacy Worthy of My Schizo Powers and All My Material Worldly Wealth:


I made this publication, Galaxy Brainz, as I have some exposure to the internet and having a voice — on sites like https://hackernoon.com/@jare where I won 1st prize for the Trading category of their 2020 Noonies and 2nd prize for Mental Health and 2nd prize for Automation.

I also have some exposure to internet marketing, social media clicky clacky hacky trickery and magick.

Why Brainz? Why not Brains?

I am by far means a newb, but my placement in society (entirely brought about by my aforementioned brand, rather than actual ‘hard…

NOTE that I’m not giving tax advice: I’m not qualified to do so. Always Do Your Own Research and consult a professional if you have any questions.

1) Income Assistance Disability Benefits

2) Disability Tax Credit + Retro Adjustments

3) Registered Disability Savings Plan + Government Grants and Bonds

4) Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

BONUS) Canada Revenue Agency uncashed checks

PLEASE feel free to share this post and raise awareness :)

NOTE that I use screenshots from some personal CRA/banking/whatever accounts and details, these are in no way implying or assuring that you may qualify for certain # years…

Well, it looks as though the Twitter Trends Bot was a bit shortcoming.

The more I optimized the backtests, the more I realized that the algorithm was without profit — or negative profit — most of the time. It really depended on these few and far between orders that would take off into 1000s %s profit in order to sustain itself…

… we tried some new logic to prefer those ‘mewnshots,’ for instance exiting any trade that didn’t hit a minimum threshold after a certain amount of time — however, the more I thought about it, the more I realized…


Read on to find out how to create a Twitter sentiment trader. Or, subscribe to one I’ve built: https:/dunn.gg

A Working, Live Dev Log for Mastering 70% of the Swing When Twitterverse Explodes!

Source: me!


  1. We follow Twitter accounts we trust: exchanges, coins, Twitter crypto influencers
  2. We wait around until someone tweets a coin name or coin ticker
  3. We measure the sentiment of the message: is it buy or sell?
  4. On strong buys, or multiple instances of buys in a period of time, we execute a market buy order on Binance Spot
  5. We wait around until our exits are hit
  6. 1 out of every 3–4 signals we act on the crowd will also…

Binance gave us the go-ahead… woo-hoo!

Remember that none of this constitutes financial advice, I’m not qualified :)

After my previous articles — more than a year ago — started trending in Google search results:



I was approached by my now-partner in this venture (cordially allowing me to retain some IP here) to recreate this bot (and had actually hoped that I’d saved the original one somewhere — no such luck!)

I did so, and changed some of the parameters to be less complex, while introducing newer and fancier features like using Tensorflow to detect whether a potential…

“Do you like it?” she’d begged, words flying from the tip of her tongue.

“Yes, yes. It’s beautiful” he responded, looking more at the diamonds on the necklace than the girl. “We’ll take it — is there a set of earrings that would compliment the style?” he said to the store’s assistant that’d been assisting them.

Five minutes later, their friend and means of locomotion returned to the store, painfully and obviously excited. “The one I picked out is perfect,” he said to the first man, “and it’s exactly the type of hard drive I’d been wanting. 21 times as…

This entry to my ever-growing repertoire of online nonsense bears many interconnected and equally-as-good titles:

Why Bitcoin is Doomed To Be Censored

Similarly to The Secret, the grass-roots revolution of Magical Internet Money will find an epic doom as it’s regulated. Further and further it becomes an unwieldy monster against the conventions and institutions that define our social structures — further and further it will be locked down, measured, and persecuted.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency represent the people taking back control of their finances against banks and intermediaries — something that the ruling class will never allow, at least with any scale. …

The power of negotiation is to hold the upper hand.

When describing to my friend and colleague Paul Crawford my present negotiation where I illustrated to the other party I was creating my own opportunity, he’d said a funny thing.

nice man, powerful man right there

does it intimidate you to speak to someone with such power?

My response was this bit of text, in the Slack conversation:

[Redacted] 11:39 AM
I do believe that opportunity always comes out of challenges

Jare [Coindex] 11:39 AM
I said this last night in a video message. …

Today I find myself in a Brave New World of healthcare professionals that I’m bribing to actually give a sh#t.

What worries me is the plethora people without financial ability or emotional support to get to this point. They just continue spiraling ever downwards, ever so much more in pain in trauma.

How do I help them?

Listen, this isn’t bs. This isn’t clickbait. Someone very close to me begged me not to put these shower thoughts on Facebook, so Aloha Hackers!

Seriously, here’s Ep. 01: A Hacker’s Awakening: Ep.01 …

(real) Jarett Dunn

A Legacy Worthy of My Schizo Powers and All My Material Worldly Wealth: https://bit.ly/galaxybrainz

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