Jarett Dunn
3 min readDec 15, 2022


They killed my mom less than a year ago, Canada will come for me, too

Euthenasia has been a trendy subject in the news of late, however it’d be prudent to take note that this nation has heen committing murder for a long time.

I won’t hazard a guess — but if I was a betting man I’d say since around the time the international crowd decided euthenasia was a bad practice after all, in about the 30s, and Canada just continued doing it silently.

Sure enough, they killed my grandfather. That was nearly 20 years ago and I still remember roaming the halls talking to myself in disbelief — if we can’t trust the medical establishment to keep us alive, and we can’t trust them not to outright end you, then why trust it at all?

Let’s discuss mom. She’d died Feb 17 of 2022, 10 shy days before her birthday, ‘surrounded by friends and family.’

Grief is a strange beast, let’s bring it back to me.

I actually don’t contribute all that much to society — the strengths I have and the monumental achievements I have verifiably accomplished don’t make sense to the average person.

I can be seen by some as someone who doesn’t pay his taxes && has an altogether displeased notion of The Powers That Be.

It’s obvious to anyone with a keyboard that I’ve long been a proponent of the separation of finance and state — as well as the dismantling of nationalism, religion, capitalism, and countless other isms.

I’m a brain that doesn’t fit within the mold — a mold that everyone assumes is necessary, while it simultaniously disenfranchies them.

Of late, I’ve been lodged at a psychosocial rehabilitation program and it’s lovely here — however I’ve been just as involved with cryptocurrencies as I had been for the last ten odd years, and not making great leaps and strides towards wellness.

And to what end?

I’m still the butt of a bad joke && eternally poor.

I’m still deeply disturbed && deeply unhappy. The root of my sorrow is the depths of the subjugation you’ve been tricked into accepting, and you’re being tricked to beg for more of it.

I’ve become at arm’s length over the years with some of the people who have turned into scapegoats for larger agendas — and frankly that’s not a trajectory that appeals to me.

What does that leave?

A nation-state that’s currently offing people for not being able to support themselves.


Has been for at least two generations, and now they’ve legalized it again as the ‘medical assistance in dying’ program.

It looks as though I’ll have to grow the fuck up, leave all you cats to your various ponzis, and get some blue collar job doing jack shit all day.