The Guy Fawkes Mask & Ignorance is Strength

Jarett Dunn
3 min readAug 19, 2021

The plot of V for Vendetta had us digging through history in a fictional future, to find that the powers that be had orchestrated biological warfare in order to instill fear. They then used this fear to reduce or destroy freedom, life and liberty of the population, and further their dominance.

Orwell’s 1984 had a similar message, written well before the current global climate. The phrases:


appear throughout the novel as the Party’s slogan. From it, we can deduce:

  1. The war in 1984 is between one or another enemy, and is a fabricated threat along with propaganda to keep people afraid
  2. When accepting the opposite — slavery is freedom — we see that we can work our entire lives as slaves to debt, trading our labor for some capital
  3. This is the interesting bit — the more we don’t know about what’s really happening around us, or the more we accept what’s forced down our throats, the closer (more divided?) we become, allowing us all to rally under a flag

Take from it what you will, but actual history teaches us that you invent a threat and then tell people how they should feel about it. This can and does happen, usually, to drive the war machine forward and allow you to do more harm elsewhere than if you had no alleged reason to go.

Extremists, for years, have touted the warning ‘beware the fake alien invasion.’ What they mean to say is that to move us closer towards globalization, the powers that be would need to invent a threat that affects everyone — everywhere. By rallying against the aliens we’d lose the abilities to travel, congregate, voice concern or have autonomy over our bodies and sovereign selves. What’s arguably easier than inventing a threat is harnessing one, refining it, and making it a more effective means towards the same ends.

Seriously, search it up. Do your own research. Always. “Take everything with a grain of salt,” says my mom.

The summation of V for Vendetta is quoted: “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” What should really concern the Western world is the growing rates at which people just don’t vote — what people are making clear is that they’ve lost all faith in the suffrage as a means to bring about any sort of meaningful change. As an aside, this movie lent itself well in imagery to the Anonymous movement — for good reason.

People everywhere are looking for a more effective solution.

Another fun little aside: throughout high school, I ran an ‘abstinence of the vote’ campaign alongside student elections. ‘The only safe way to do it is to abstain altogether.’

Some might argue it better demonstrates the growing apathy among the younger subsets of population. I postulate that it’s because they’ve grown to know that there’s a puppet on the right and a puppet on the left.