NFTs Are Actually Not a Fad. Here’s My v0.1 of KoalaNation Games

TL;DR for real:

Live :) Kinda. Eth gas is nuts but if you’re gonna publish something then you might as well do it on the King of Smart Chains.

Hopefully this goes thru:

It bitched about exhausting gas though so I may need to replace-by-fee. But Eth Gas Station reports that won’t be any time soon. Although we’ve halved Standard in an hour.

Anyways, this is one of two eventual contracts to be deployed in the next day or two. It’ll allow me to mint some little Koalas and airdrop a few and collect some offers on others, setting an initial price.


Look, less is more. If you make it below the fold, there’s a whole lot of nonsense and detail and little intricate details. You might consider that a very informal whitepaper, or, something.

The key takeaways:

Why doesn’t Medium support good lists naturally?

Oh hey! Sorry guys, the 0th stage is null and void we had a backer cover getting us onto OpenSea :) There’s another wee amount of funds before I can start trading from my account but hey, we have two collections on OpenSea — the Factory and the KoalaNation Koalas.

I will have had minted a bunch :) And now we’re almost live with the Early Mint stage. Each Early Mint will have 2x the base stats of anyone who joins after the release of the next version. You don’t know which stats affect the game in which way, though!

Happy minting! In a way, prospecting these lil guys and owning a few of different ranges of stats will allow you to capitalize on the people capitalizing on the future game monies. Which makes you the original capitalists. In reality, minting is the first game release.

Oh and I’m airdropping some of these creatures. Show me your addresses :) My roommate and my crush got the first 2. Lucky! Directions below.

Here’s the last newsletter, it includes like 10mins of audio of me explaining how this stuff manifested in my brain:


Hey guys


Here there’s a timeline here:

Alright so after playing with @opensea‘s sample erc721 for a few minutes, I haven’t even changed any code — deployed in rinkeby about 30 mins ago, and my view on NFTs has changed from fad to ‘unbelievably lucrative.’

It’s a factory.

— -

What’s KoalaNation?

Little more info, Jare?

Now listen to me paraphrase and realize more shit — like you want to hodl your NFTs.

— -


Dig around if you want to see the release candidate, but I’m not linking it directly. :)

CTA / Below the Fold

Hey! Tweet me your Ether address for an airdrop maybe.

It goes like this:

#koalanation #gaming #NFT #airdrop me on @opensea @jarettdunn 0x1234etc

Follow and subscribe to mailing list, if you’re not already.

And I promised some of you this:



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