fair3d.me Dangerous Blockchain Game & Nash Theory


What is this?

How to Win

As any user at any time, I’m presented with two options:

Bid/Change Bid or Not

If You bid and Someone does not, you win the game — 90% of the pot. Big win! There’s also a chance You may get a share of the 10% remaining.

If You bid and Someone also bids, You won’t get the pot but there’s a chance You’ll share the 10% second prize. :) They may get a share of the 10%.

If You do not bid, and they do not, y’all lose.

If You do not bid, and Someone else does, they stand to gain more.

Choosing $ always yields a better result.

Notably this assumes you’ll win the lottery — it could actually be a negative EV event otherwise. DYOR.

Disclaimer: this is my code, a fork of Metaplex, anyone can review here https://github.com/dunncreativess/fair3d





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(real) Jarett Dunn

(real) Jarett Dunn


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